Having the unique opportunity of growing up between Italy and California, Chloe Crespi's informative years were greatly shaped by exposure to some of the world’s top commercial and video directors of that time.


Working closely with these great artists, Chloe developed a deep understanding of the art of capturing beautiful imagery and the power behind an unspoken narrative. It was in those early days that she discovered her love for photography- ultimately setting her life path as an artist.


Chloe’s portfolio ranges from NY Times best-selling authors, Fortune 500 executives, and some of the top authorities in spirituality and wellness. Chloe’s images have been published in prestigious publications such as Vanity Fair, Esquire & British Vogue among others.


Chloe is committed to creating impactful images that relay who the subject is personally while evoking a deep point of connection in a safe space. 


Because of her understanding of human connection, ceremony and boundaries Chloe has been given access at various points to some of the most influential spiritual teachers of our time- often being allowed to film in places that cameras are not welcome. Chloe shot and directed her first documentary called " Wake Up” which premiered at South by Southwest and was purchased by Oprah for OWN network.


Chloe is also a founder of the international street art movement “ In Pursuit of Magic”.  What started with two female street artists and two stencils ended up traveling the globe and inspiring thousands in the process.